Strategic business


(more than storytelling)

Connect with your customers through their story, designed to forge genuine connections, increase engagement and define your market presence.

“We have big ambitions.
Let’s not screw it up.”

You are launching a new product or service and want to integrate how that changes your positioning to increase your chance of success.

Your company is undergoing a significant change, such as a pivot or a merger, and you want to start this new chapter in a strong way.

As a startup, you want to clarify your positioning and lay the foundation for a strong brand.

As a more established company, you have very different products, services, or customer segments, and you struggle to define the uniting story.

There must be a better way to talk about the value you deliver.

You've been telling the same old story for too long. It's difficult to craft relatable and engaging company stories.

Your customers just don't get it. You don't effectively communicate your brand values and mission.

You feel that people don't trust the usual corporate message any more.

You end up spending a lot of money on the wrong message.

Imagine the impact of your customers really understanding your value.

It’s time to tell your customer’s story – in the context of your offer.

Storytelling is the hot trend.

But it is often not much more than a fresh coat of paint over the old story structure.

Storybuilding is much more.

It is a structured, customer-centric methodology for creating a compelling story that will guide your customer along the path to a strong relationship.

Discover Storybuilding

It is based on the 3+1 stages of consideration that every customer goes through when discovering a new offer.

You can lose them at each stage. You need to bring them through at their pace.

Recognition (me)

When you walk into a store or a restaurant, you discover a website, or get a slaes call, you wonder…

Do I feel welcome? Do they work with people like me? Do they understand my situation and my problem?

A small thing could make you answer “no”, and it’s over.

Perception (them)

OK, it could be for you. But who are they and what do they propose?

Can I work with them? Do I trust them, respect them? What do I compare them to? Do I understand their solution?

The most common red flag is that you don’t understand fast enough. Lack of trust is second.

Projection (future)

They seem to know what they’re doing and you get their offer. You imagine the future…

What will it be like? How complicated will it be? How will I feel? Will I be happy? What will I avoid? What will I gain?

Sometimes it just seems too complicated. Resistance to change can make you underestimate your probem or the potential benefits.

Evaluation (worth)

Then, and only then, will you evaluate their solution.

What does it cost? Is it worth it? Which option is best for me?

Four levers strongly influence your perception of the offered value.

Storybuilding is done in four steps.

You do a deep dive into your customer, company, and offer, and with those insights, you build your customer’s story with the right information at the right time.

Take their standpoint

You want to communicate with your customers. The first step is to take their standpoint (sic).

You need to know who you are addressing, their aspirations, what challenges hold them back, their values and expectations, how they manage today, and what triggers the need for change.

This will allow you to position yourself and structure your story with maximum impact to create the change you seek to make.

Self-reflect on your organisation

How they “see” you will have a large impact on how they receive your message.

How do you enable their success? Solve their problems? What experience do you offer? Which category do you want them to see you in? How can you exceed their expectations?

Understand your uniqueness, structure your offers and build your brand personality.

Build your/their story

Now that you understand your customers, and have positioned yourself to better resonate with them, it’s time to actually construct the story.

Stories follow tried and proven formulas. Just watch any movie.

Here is a powerful framework. You will pull your audience through the three steps of consideration, through the emotional ups and downs that will engage them and bring them to the action you are looking to entice.

Our team

Compose the inspiring show

You have your story!

Depending on the situation, the specific audience, the channel, the length, we will compose the “show”. A website, a campaign, a flyer, an investment pitch…

Based on your positioning, depending on what is needed, we will choose the vocabulary, images, layout, style, …

We will put together the pieces to produce the powerful assets, ready to be delivered.

And give you the tools and confidence to deliver.

Our team

“Wow. That was eye opening!”

It is easy and risk-free to work with us


Based on a structured call, we send you a tailored proposal


We roll out a series of workshops with your team


You are energized, aligned, focused and start deploying your new story

Happy Clients

We have refined and validated with dozens of companies over several years.


Inconsistent messages

Constantly reinventing your strategy

Customers misunderstanding your offer or positioning

We deliver more than a powerful story

Build a story from your customer's standpoint is powerful and engaging, enhancing trust and your relationship.

This story, carefully crafted around the value you deliver to your customers, can become the foundation of all your marketing.

Making choices and defining priorities for your story creates a strong company focus on the value you deliver.

Building your story with your team creates strong alignment among the members.

How should we work together?

Read the book

Everything you need is laid out in an easy pratcial guide.

It’s up to you to do the work.

Available spring 2025!

Fast & Curious

Online self-paced process. Three zoom-based coaching sessions.

We accompany you to keep you on track.

Heavy lifting

Two days of deep-dive team workshops. With homework in between.

We produce a master version of your story.

Extra step

First, the “Heavy lifting”.

Then we deliver the blueprint of a specific outcome, be it a website or a pitch deck.