Customer-centric digital transformation.

We help you leverage what makes you different.


We help you adapt to rapidly changing technology, markets and behaviour.

Together, we start with your customer’s standpoint and realign your strategy, your positioning, your marketing and your voice.

We implement the smallest changes to produce the biggest impact on the customer experience.

Digital transformation is not just for large tech companies. Whatever your industry and the size of your business, we can make you future-proof.


Business & Marketing Strategy

Step back, take your customer’s standpoint and reanalyse your strategy.

It might be time to question your long held assumptions, just a little bit.

Who are your customers? What value do you create for them? How do you retain some of that value (i.e. make money)? Who are your competitors? How are you positioned compared to them? What does your brand stand for? What makes you unique?

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Our mission is to make you enjoy the same visibility and the credibility on the web and social media as large companies. We develop with you new channels for customer acquisition and retention.

We are experts in digital marketing. But to understand your business, we bring broader skills: IT, finance, business models, marketing, innovation, project and change management. But also, empathy, active listening, teaching, availability, patience and efficiency.

We would love to help you with a few things

digital landscape

Digital presence

Analyse your presence within the digital landscape
customer needs

Value proposition

Understand who your customers are and what they need
value proposition


Reposition your company with your unique value proposition
multiple touchpoints


Communicate with your customers with your voice over all touch points
business models

Business models

Experiment with new channels and business models
collaboration cooperation


Build powerful cooperation between your employees and your partners
customer segmentation

Customer segment

Design your customer segmentation to optimise your marketing

DIgital strategy

Build a digital strategy based on your business objectives
social marketing

Social media marketing

Reach your target customers where they are
customer engagement

Customer engagement

Increase customer engagement to build long term relationships

Word of mouth

Enhance your customer support and boost advocacy
Metrics, data and ROI


Acquire and leverage data to improve your decision making

Digital disruption is a shift of the power relationship.

Get ready for it


Innovation Management

Innovation, in an established company, doesn’t play by the same rules as other projects.

You go against long-standing procedures. You can’t measure success with dollars and market share, but with user engagement. You try new things, find different clients, explore new business models.

Real innovation, not incremental improvements, is managed somewhat like a little startup embedded in your company.

We partner with Fongit, Geneva’s premier startup incubator, for our Innovation management projects.


Startup Coaching

Startups build scalable innovation. We have a lot to learn from them.

Startups are complicated. There is always something else to think about. If you are cruising along comfortably, you have forgotten a dozen things.

The Lean Startup method is the proven method to reduce your risk and improve your chances of success.

We coach startups through Innosuisse (ex-CTI Startup) and Fongit.

We are just as comfortable in French as in English.

You are special

Our skills cover business strategy, digital marketing, startup coaching and innovation management. Our offers are specific to your needs.


Large companies

Innovation, in an established company, doesn’t play by the same rules as other projects.

The methods that work for startups, starting with “lean startup”, can also work for your company. That’s where our entrepreneurial expertise comes into play.



Sometimes, you need to step back and reassess your value proposition, your business model, your market position. We’re good at that.

We can then help you apply your adapted strategy with extensive Digital Marketing services.




The Lean Startup method is the proven method to reduce your risk and improve your chances of success.

We are accredited Innosuisse (ex-CTI Startup) and Fongit startup coaches. We can accompany you as you build your company.


We avoid group-think, last-is-best, loudest-is-best and HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion). We make it easy for every last one of you to express his or her ideas.

We challenge, we grade, we scope, we prioritise.

We use canvases and post-it notes.


Value Proposition

Business Model

Innovation DNA

5 Bold Steps Vision

Cover Story


Customer Journey

Design Criteria

Assumption Mapper Matrix

Brand Thinking

Customer Hapiness

Digital Marketing

Innovation Matrix


Riskiest Assumptions

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