Strategic business storytelling

Build a strong foundation for all your marketing

You have great products and services.

But talking about what you do is complicated.

Your customers don't recognise themselves in your offer

Your vocabulary isn't the one they use

Your story isn't consistent throughout all your channels

They don't understand why they should do business with you

Imagine the impact of your customers really understanding your value.

Here’s how we can help

We have developed a four-stage methodology to help you build your powerful story.

It will strengthen the positioning of your company (large or small), NGO or other organization.


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Deeply understand them

You want to communicate with your customers. The first step is to take their standpoint (sic).

You need to know who you are addressing, what is their worldview, their mindset, what is their aspiration, their goal, what is their problem, what is holding them back, what emotions are present.

This will allow you to position yourself and structure your story with maximum impact to create the change you seek to make.

Strategically position yourself

How they “see” you will have a large impact on how they receive your message.

What role are you taking? Which category do you want them to see you in? Which one do you want to avoid? What is your stance?

Don’t leave these to chance.

Build your brand personality and your company persona.

Methodically construct the story

Now that you understand your customers, and have positioned yourself to better resonate with them, it’s time to actually construct the story.

Stories follow tried and proven formulas. Just watch any movie.

Here is a powerful framework. You will pull your audience through the emotional ups and downs that will engage them and bring them to the action you are looking to entice.

Our team

Compose the inspiring show

You have your story!

But it’s not quite ready.

Depending on the situation, the specific audience, the channel, the length, we will compose the “show”.

Based on your positioning, depending on what is needed, we will choose the vocabulary, images, layout, style, …

We will put together the pieces to produce the powerful assets, ready to be delivered.

And give you the tools and confidence to deliver.

It is easy and risk-free to work with us


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