Your Personalised Session

We can help you address your main issues.

We will understand your situation and devise a series of steps to help you tackle the problem and move towards your goal.

Discover a sample of the methodologies and tools we have curated to craft the Mission tailored to your needs.

Your Customer

The name “Standpoint” is all about taking your customer’s standpoint. We have curated a number of methods, canvases, workshops to really understand your customer and how that can affect your brand and company.

Value Proposition Design

We help you really understand your customer, from their aspirations and goals, to their problems and obstacles, and what could delight them and enhance their experience.

Empathy Map / Persona

The understanding of your customer segments can be made explicit through tools such as the empathy map or the persona canvas. This makes them relatable to your team.

Customer Journey

Your customer’s full experience strongly contributes to their satisfaction and can tip them into the promoter category. We help you enhance it for maximum impact.

Customer Happiness

There are several levers to increase adoption, satisfaction and loyalty, notably during the important step of onboarding. We help you explore and deliver them.

Your Business

We help you analyse and enhance your business from several angles, your context, your competition, your business model, your opportunities and more.

Your Context

The world is changing rapidly. What are the important elements? What are the threats to your business? Where are the opportunities? We help you see clearly the full picture.

Your Business Model

It is composed of how all the parts of your company fit together to deliver value to your customers and allow you to retain value for yourself. We help you analyse and enhance it.

Your Competition

Who is your competition? Where could it come from? We help you to look for drivers outside your own company and have a conversation about the forces that could shape your business in the future.

Where to play

Your company can grow through new products, new customer segments, new geographies, new value propositions. As accredited consultants, we help you discover new market opportunities.

Your Marketing

Based on the understanding of your customer and your business, we build a powerful story to engage your prospects. We help you select the channels with the highest potential and set up tests to validate your ideas. We also have expertise in specific tools, such as Google Ads.

Your Storytelling

Based on your value proposition, we build a powerful story to engage your prospects. We apply the proven seven-step process called Storybrand™. We are one of the few certified coaches in Switzerland.

Your Traction Channels

We have studied and curated dozens of marketing channels in ten categories. We explore with you these options to find the best match for each customer segment and product.


The customer landscape is constantly shifting. We help you set up test campaigns to validate your hypotheses and continuously improve your results. We bring structure to your marketing efforts.

LinkedIn Outreach

As one example of a specific technique, we have experience in generating leads through LinkedIn. We help you initiate real conversations, balancing the available effort with a good level of results.

Your Innovation

Adaptability is key. Build a strong innovation culture and kick-start the organisation you need. We rapidly give you a taste of how it could transform your company.

Your Riskiest Assumptions

In innovation, we have many assumptions, explicit and implicit. We help you catalogue them based on the inherent risk to allow you to test the most important hypotheses before investing too much.


Often, when solving a problem or developing a product, we jump in with our first idea. We help you ideate many options without falling into the pitfalls of standard brainstorming techniques.

Pitching your idea

We talk about the MVP as the Minimum Viable Product. We help you build the Minimum Viable Pitch. With any new endeavour, communication is key. We help you sell your idea to your stakeholders.

Innovation Accounting

Innovation can be more than big risky bets. We help set up a structured approach of experimentation, testing, validation, metered funding, called innovation accounting. This helps you improve your return on investment.

Your Organisation

This rapidly changing environment requires a flexible and resourceful team. They need to know where they are going and why. They need to clearly see how to get there. We help you strengthen your team.

Your Team Charter

Together, you will need to decide on the values your team upholds as part of its collaboration. These values will help form the foundation for a successful team, which will make it easier to reach the goal while reducing confusion about the team’s objectives. 

Cover Vision

What is the most amazing future you see for your company (and yourself)? Who has the boldest vision ever? Imagine how you will appear on magazine covers. What’s the word on the street? Creating a cover story will help you get into a future state of mind.

5 Bold Step Vision

If you want to make positive, future-oriented change in your organization you’ll need to go beyond writing long-winded paper visions and come to a shared agreement about what you are going to fight for together, and what steps you are going to take to get “there.”

Narrative Guiding Principles

Instead of a traditional wooden Mission Statement, or empty Core Values, develop a set of Guiding Principles: your Goals, Stakes, Characteristics, Critical Actions, Story and Theme. This will greatly help in everyday decisions.

Your Decisions

We make decisions continuously, big and small. Sometimes we get stuck in decision paralysis or the opposite, take shortcuts. When we do make structured decisions, we often have blinders and don’t take the full picture into account. We have curated methods to help you make better decisions.


There’s nothing more dangerous than the right answer to the wrong question. There is a way to do better. The key is reframing, a crucial, underutilized skill that we can help you master, based on a multi-step structured process. It’s the path to better, cheaper, faster solutions.

The Grid

Taking everything into account in a business decision is complicated and error-prone.

Learn a powerful decision-making process centered on the Desirability, Profitability and Longevity of your business.

It’s called The Grid™.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a structured iterative process for solving problems by prioritizing the needs of your customers – or stakeholders – above all else. We can help integrate this mindset into your decision-making process.

Lean Startup

Lean startup is the process of developing a product or company based on the expressed desires of the market. The lean startup uses validated learning, which is a process by which companies assess consumer interest.