Business therapy

Part consultant, part coach, we deep dive during focused sessions, using proven methodologies, to realign your purpose, your offer and your stakeholders.

Your business in therapy.

We help you strengthen your brand, develop new markets and delight your customers.

Your world is changing rapidly. What are your business‑phobias?

Customer needs and behaviors are rapidly changing

Your marketing doesn't connect as well with your customers

New competitors are appearing from inside & outside your industry

New trends such as blockchain or AI are disrupting everything

You are worried about how this will affect your business

Here’s how we can help

Examples of our Sessions as part of a structured framework to strengthen your company (large or small), NGO or other organisation.


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Category Design: your own space in your customer's mind

Category Design allows you to create a different way for your customer to see your product. Instead of being better or cheaper than X, be unique.

Develop New Market Opportunities

Explore your capabilities to discover new market opportunities and evaluate your options in a structured multi-step process.

Craft A Memorable Customer Experience

Delight your customers by improving their experience at each step. Discover the levers of customers loyalty and advocacy.

Boost Your Innovation

Adaptability is key. Build a strong innovation culture and kick-start the organisation you need.

Supercharge Your Lead Generation

Attract new clients by exploring a large set of alternative traction channels and defining targeted scenarios.

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We have curated, tested, refined and packaged transformative Missions to level up your business.

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