Our Mission Packages

Time-Boxed Strategic Workshop Series Delivering Lasting Value

Better Promote The Value You Deliver

We help you really understand your customer, so that you can tweak – and possibly extend – your offer to better resonate with them.

We craft a powerful story, using a proven storytelling framework, that will engage your customers.

Consolidate your positioning

You bring more value to your customers than you realize.

This first set of exercises helps you step back and clarify your value proposition for yourself and your customers.

External Opportunities

With this strong foundation, we can dig into important aspects of your business:

Develop New Market Opportunities

Explore your capabilities to discover new market opportunities and evaluate your options in a structured multi-step process.

Craft A Memorable Customer Experience

Delight your customers by improving their experience at each step. Discover the levers of customers loyalty and advocacy.

Supercharge Your Lead Generation

Attract new clients by exploring a large set of alternative traction channels and defining targeted scenarios.

Internal superpowers

We can also aim inwards. We tackle important challenges and initiate new processes:

Align And Motivate Your Team

Define actionable narrative guiding principles to embody your Vision, Mission and Values.

Make Better Strategic Decisions

Learn a powerful decision-making process centered on the Desirability, Profitability and Longevity of your business.

Boost Your Innovation

Adaptability is key. Build a strong innovation culture and kick-start the organisation you need.

Custom Mission

We have selected more than 100 workshop formats and identified 50 traction channels and 80 business models.

On this structured basis, we prepare a mission tailor-made to your precise needs.

Custom Mission

We have worked to package our services to deliver the maximum value in the shortest time.

We can, of course, build a mission specifically tailored to your needs, your situation and your goals.

Let’s start a conversation to help us better understand where you stand.

A structured framework to strengthen your company 

We have

  • curated an extensive set of methods, workshops and inspiring examples
  • tested and refined them repeatedly with many companies and startups
  • packaged them to efficiently deliver the most value in the shortest time


Our interventions are short and sweet

We have packaged the most efficient and structured methods to tackle your specific challenges

Interactive workshops, in real life or online

Targeted Strategic Decision Making

Ad Hoc Consulting Missions

Tailored Training Programs

Happy Clients