Develop New Market Opportunities

Your company can grow through new products, new customer segments, new geographies, new value propositions. Companies work a lot on “how to play”, let’s explore “where to play”.

Explore your assets and capabilities to discover new market opportunities and evaluate your options in a structured process: Where To Play™ (learn more). We are certified practitioners.

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Where to play

Method by Pr Marc Gruber & Pr Sharon Tal

Where to Play helps you to set a promising strategy, by giving a clear, structured and practical framework – the Market Opportunity Navigator- to better identify, evaluate and focus on the right market opportunities:

  • Market Opportunity Set – assess your core strengths and identify which market opportunities exist for your business
  • Attractiveness Map – evaluate your market opportunities to reveal the most attractive option for focus
  • Agile Focus Strategy – create a strategic plan for your chosen market opportunity that keeps you open-minded and agile

Step 1

Search Broadly

Market Opportunity Set

Ideate the set of potential market opportunities that you can address with your core resources and capabilities, technology, expertise, experience, customer knowledge… 

Assess your capabilities independently of your existing products. Identify new applications and their customer segments.

Strategically add specific capabilities, such as AI, or add constraints, such as low-touch, to widen the scope.

Step 2

Assess Deeply

Attractiveness Map

Analyse in a structured way how attractive each option is for the target customer segment.

Rate each one on its potential and the challenges you would be facing for its implementation. Add other criteria that are important to you such as sustainability.

Step 3

Strategise smartly

Agile Focus Dartboard

Balance the tension between focus and flexibility to mitigate your risks and avoid lock-in.

Select your primary market opportunity and assess possible backup and growth options. This helps you decide what to pursue now and what to keep open for later.

Fact sheet


Break out of your traditional territories. Discover new high potential market opportunities. Build your next step and plan your backup and growth strategies.


Strategic report

  • Market Opportunity Set
  • Attractiveness Map
  • Agile Focus Dartboard


Depending on the scope, 3 to 5 half-day interactive workshops, spaced one every 1-2 weeks (or more if there is more in depth analysis to be done).

With management, product and marketing/communications staff.


In real life, in workshop room, with whiteboards, post-its. In your offices or in a rented space.

Online collaborative Zoom sessions with virtual whiteboards / post-its.

Option for hybrid sessions with multiple cameras and projector.

Test your new market opportunity stratgey in depth

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