Craft a Memorable Customer Experience


Experience is an increasingly important part of your brand. Delight your customers every step of the way and you will increase satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Discover the levers of customers loyalty, analyse and improve each step of their experience, notably the pivotal step which is onboarding.

Through changes in a few targeted steps, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Step 1

Customer Loyalty

Customer Happiness

As important as the sale, are customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Three steps can increase these factors: make it easy to become a customer, make it “hard” (not in a sneaky way) to leave and create a memorable experience that they want to share.

We explore together different ways of purposefully designing the customer experience to achieve these goals.

Step 2

Customer Journey

Full customer experience

Based on the previous exercise, we walk through, step-by-step the full user customer experience, from awareness, through consideration, purchase, usage, maintenance, support …

We look into the emotional response at each step and its importance in the overall journey.

We define a few critical points to improve where there is a strong impact to effort ratio.

Step 3

Deep dive into Onboarding

The power of onboarding

We loop back to the important step of onboarding to check our initial goals with the outcome of the customer journey mapping.

We go into more detail in the customer steps of this stage and ideate how to improve it further.

Fact sheet


Analyse each step of the overall customer experience, improve critical points to increase satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. 


Strategic report

  • Customer Journey Map
  • Improvement suggestions targeting increased satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. 


    Depending on the scope, 2 to 4 half-day interactive workshops, spaced one every 1-2 weeks.

    With management, marketing/communications staff and customer-facing team members.


    In real life, in workshop room, with whiteboards, post-its. In your offices or in a rented space.

    Online collaborative Zoom sessions with virtual whiteboards / post-its.

    Option for hybrid sessions with multiple cameras and projector.

    A different angle?

    Supercharge Your Lead Generation

    Attract new clients by exploring a large set of alternative traction channels and defining targeted scenarios.