Stage 4

Compose the inspiring show 

You have your story!

But it’s not quite ready.

Depending on the situation, the specific audience, the channel, the length, we will compose the “show”.

Based on your positioning, depending on what is needed, we will choose the vocabulary, images, layout, style, …

We will put together the pieces to produce the powerful assets, ready to be delivered.

And give you the tools and confidence to deliver.

Our team

Bring the elements to life

Which channel is this for?

What is the format needed?

You can deliver your story over numerous different channels:

  • Website
  • Investor pitch
  • Presentation
  • Sales pitch
  • Content marketing
  • Advertising

Broaden the options

We call Traction Channels, the different ways of reaching your target customer and gaining traction.

Based on dozens of examples in ten categories, we will ideate how each one could be pertinent to your situation, taking into account where your customers are.

We will select the three with the highest perceived potential to start your testing process.

Your website

Your main story can be applied directly to your homepage, each step becoming a section.

Product stories become product pages.

Then we need to apply your brand.

Your investor pitch

Your customer story is crafted to make potential investors feel the need for your product or service.

We then apply one of the standard pitch deck formats to show how you will be successful and why you would be a good investment.

The required information is set in an engaging sequence.

Your story...

Where do you need a story?

Levers of influence

How can you tip the scales in your favor?

The idea is not to deceive, but to recognize the power of a number of levers of influence.

  • Reciprocation – the urge to return the favor
  • Liking – people agree more with people they like, or are similar to them
  • Social proof – a shortcut for validation
  • Authority – respect for the (symbols) of an expert
  • Scarcity – FOMO, but also prudence
  • Commitment & Consistency – act based on your previous decisions
  • Unity – the power of shared “we”

What levers do you have at your disposal and how can you deploy them?

Find your style

Extra ideas to engage your audience

  • Visual storytelling – make them “see” what you mean
  • Story hooks – questions, surprise, irony, relatability, knowledge, secrets
  • Rule of three – simplification, repetition, setup and reversal, Goldilocks
  • Annoyingly missing – so they try to fill the gap
  • Posture – center of attention

What is your style?

Public speaking

Your audience sees you

It’s tempting to simply focus our attention on the text itself. That we should say what we mean and mean what we say. But messages merely begin with the text. The rhythm, presentation, source, and context deliver most of what we take away from a message.

  • Know your audience
  • …and follow their feedback
  • Be yourself
  • Don’t read
  • Body, hands and voice
  • Practice and preparation

Become a confident speaker


All the work done up until now can be applied throughout all your traction channels: your website, investor pitch, sales pitch, advertising, content marketing, …

Let’s build your content together and engage your audience.


Several half-day interactive workshops with management, marketing/communications staff, and customer-facing team members.

In real life, in a workshop room, with whiteboards, and post-its. In your offices or in a rented space.

Online collaborative Zoom sessions with virtual whiteboard & post-its.