Better promote the value you deliver

You deliver more value to your customers than you realize.

We help you really understand your customer, so that you can tweak – and possibly extend – your offer to better resonate with them.

People don’t buy the best product or service. They buy the one that they understand the fastest and that touches them directly.

We craft a powerful story, using a proven storytelling framework, that will engage your customers.

Step 1

Understanding your customer


We start by looking at what your customer wants to accomplish, their aspiration, goals, needs. We use the Jobs-to-be-done methodology to systematically explore functional needs, but also social and emotional ones, among others.

We apply the three-level framework to open up the exploration to high-level aspirations, strategic goals, practical objectives and even hidden sub-text.


The point of your company is to solve a customer’s problem. If they don’t have a problem, they don’t need you.

So, we continue by digging into your customer’s pain points, obstacles, frustrations. We take multiple standpoints, the general issue, their current situation, your competition, your product or service.

We then look into the flip side: their wants and other positive outcomes. We concentrate on the customer’s voice.

We analyse your customer segmentation based on their problems. This is often the most efficient way to segment, before demographics.

Step 2

Targeted Value Proposition

Your offer

Often, companies define their “product” too narrowly. It is the “thing”, product or service, that they deliver. Actually, you deliver more value than that, through the overall customer experience.

We make explicit the full range of value that you deliver, from functionalities directly targeting the accomplishment of the main objective, to features designed to relieve specific pains or to create delight for your customers.


The value you deliver to your customer is very broad. Each part can be more or less important to each of your customers.

An important step is to define which of their needs is the most important and to be sure you deliver on those needs. 

This strict selection, probably different for each customer segment, will be the core of your Value Proposition.

Step 3

Powerful Business Storytelling


Based on your understanding of your customer and the definition of your offer, we can build a powerful story to engage your prospects.

We apply the proven seven-step process called Storybrand (read the book). We are one of the few certified coaches in Switzerland.

This framework can be used partially or completely for all your communication to your customers, from your website to your face-to-face meetings.

We create variants for each product or service and for specific customer segments.

You will be surprised how this will also unify your team around a shared story.

Your customer's language

Your customer’s language

The last step is to find the particular language that resonates with your prospects.

Your reader is skimming through your content, jumping around, like an animal foraging for food. They are not concentrated on understanding, they are waiting for something to match their mental model.

That match can mean an increase of 10 fold of your conversion rate.

We will explore options and set up the process for you to rapidly test them.

Fact sheet


Clarify your Value Proposition and build a powerful narrative supporting your brand to better communicate and attract more customers.


Strategic report

  • Customer jobs & pains per segment
  • Prioritised matching needs/offering
  • Seven-step narrative for your company and your major product lines / segments


Depending on the scope, 3 to 5 half-day interactive workshops, spaced one every 1-2 weeks.

With management, marketing/communications staff and customer-facing team members.


In real life, in workshop room, with whiteboards, post-its. In your offices or in a rented space.

Online collaborative Zoom sessions with virtual whiteboards / post-its.

Option for hybrid sessions with multiple cameras and projector.

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